This website is a New Year's Resolution still going strong into April. I do not know what will happen to it come January but until then, enjoy my simple website. It is home to a blog and the books I have read this year. I am entertaining the idea writing memoirs and other things I think about. I write music as well and will sooner or later add it here.

it's ya boy

About Me

33 bachelor with no pets or kids. I moved to Illinois in September of 2022 for a new job. I have moved a lot in my life, but this is the first time to a place with no connections. This is my first foray into living without roomates. As such, I have a lot of time with no friends to go out with. Hence this page.

I enjoy making music. I spend a great deal of time reading. And have been learning about linux and the rabbit hole that entails. I have a great appreciation for flowers as well. I used to keep a flower garden but as of now do not.


My blog

At one time I believed that keeping memories, trinkets of the past, and pictures led to unneeded suffering. And while I do see the wisdom of such a practice I now suffer from forgetfulness. Empty years where I can only point to significant events on a calender. Past friends and lovers I no longer remember. I have written music for more than two decades and never bothered to write any of it down. Now in the beginnings of the middle of my life I have nothing to show for my childhood.

I attempt to live a full life, and now in some manner I would like to remember it. I write a new blog entry every Sunday about the week before. It includes pictures from the week before.


Obligatory glitter thing

I am led to believe I need this.

This webpage is still under construction. Bare with me.